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Why Our Toolkit?

With iQcodex, learning to map, manage and improve processes has never been easier.


There are three principal tools in the iQcodex toolkit that provide a no-code ecosystem for transformation.


We constantly work on our software to empower clients and drive digital transformation for businesses. Through our powerful toolkit, we help create intelligent business processes for all.  


What sets our toolkit apart and what makes it different is that we bring our own purpose-built platform for process and workflow management that each client is able to execute process improvement initiatives.

We focus solely on automating business in a speedy way and iQcodex enables process business automation, which remains at the core of our software.

Our rich heritage is reflected in the platform’s extensibility and functionality.  

We also pride ourselves on comprehensive training and an extensive onboarding experience for all our clients. Training is provided on how to set up business processes, manage your data and how to make the most out of the entire toolkit. The team are always available to help, and since the toolkit is the host of our web based software's, clients can access them anywhere with internet access and the URL.


iQcodex's integrated suite of tools allows them to be used to solve and support a variety of business problems

  • Setup and Management of Client Onboarding

  • Platform to manage regulatory requirements 

  • Setup and Management of Instrument Onboarding

Each deployment of iQcodex has some common features:

There are multiple points of data collection and collation;

  • From individuals via forms; and from other systems, internal (contract engines) and/or external (e.g, Bloomberg, GMEI).

There is a number (sometimes large) of individuals/roles that either:

  • Provide data; and/or

  • Oversee and approve; and/or

  • Receive MI.

There is a need to govern and control the performance of the business process through an automated way.

Workflow Architecture

iQcodex’s integrated suite of tools enables:

•    Business users to define the process
•    Quickly and automatically create complex workflows
•    Have multiple points for forms data capture and entry

•    Plug and play through open APIs

iQprocess, iQcanvas and iQroute, when working together, provide a fully-featured and integrated workflow platform.

iQcodex workflow architecture model consisting of the model layer, workflow layer and data layer.

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