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Workflow Layer

This tool helps businesses to manage real-time functional workflows.


Get ready to translate your mapped business process into an interactive workflow with iQcanvases. iQcanvases is a tool that transforms process models into functional workflows to help a business. You can create role based access control allowing users to see data  
applicable to their role. 


It is a real time workflow task management system. It allows users and managers to simultaneously review the state of each project and their associated tasks. Users receive email alerts as soon as a new task is issued to them.


The definition of new processes will be implemented through iQprocess, to provide configuration capability for the business users, process governance, traceability and auditability. 


The system can trigger iQcanvases from APIs (application programming interfaces). For example, if a client has an external system that contains a certain piece of data and they want to create a case on the workflow to complete a certain task, APIs can do so. APIs allow clients to build applications to push data and create things into our applications and vice versa.

Here you will find a preview of our workflow task management system, iQcanvases. The home screen of iQcanvases gives the user a full view of all of the instances that they have assigned to their role. To create a new instance the user clicks the + button at the bottom of the first page. This gives the user a popup to complete some high level details. Once these are complete a new instance is created.

An example of the iQcanvases platform

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