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About Us

How We Started 

Here at iQcodex, we provide businesses with the tools and methods to control and make sense of the ever-expanding mass of data. We specialise in enabling digital transformation through the use of no-code platforms and continue to grow our list of clients each day. 


So how have we done this? A while back, as management consultants, we realised that whilst improving business processes is key to any company, what really underpins success today is the ability to manage and exploit data that a business generates. So we decided to shift our emphasis to provide that capability, and we spawned iQcodex.

We now continue to provide these tools to make business data and information accessible, to help companies improve.

Our Team

Our team consists of a variety of roles that make up our ecosystem of talent. Every team member works together to help clients organise and automate their business projects and are always on hand to help. Say hello to our leadership team below.

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Mike Barr

CEO and Founder

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Philip Brown

Principal Consultant

Theo Mortis

CTO and Chief Architect

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Maria Martin

Head of Operations

iQcodex will help you and your business easily manage and understand all aspects of your business’s data through our comprehensive software suite that’s leading the data processing revolution. If we had to sum up iQcodex in one word, it would be innovative. We can guarantee our software will pave the way to process improvement and should be the future of any company.

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