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Model Layer

This tool supports the business process refinement and redefinition of the Target Operating Model.


iQprocess is a web based process management tool, incorporating all components of an organisation's operating model. If you've used Visio in the past, it might be the software upgrade you are looking for.

This software facilitates the capture of roles and responsibilities, document use and production, system interaction, data creation and modification, location of operations, and operational metrics, against individual process steps. 


Processes can be versioned in current and future states depending on the business environment, providing an integrated mechanism for the development of Target Operating Models. Current state and future state processes relate to process analysis and go side by side when it comes to evaluation. Moving from current to future state phases is therefore key to process management. ​ Keeping track of current to future state processes will help with the organisation of a business and process consistency, allowing you to successfully track business progress and outcomes.


Key volume, time, and frequency data can be captured against each step, to enable simulation of current and future state throughput in order to establish costs incurred. It captures information about when a step is executed, and when a step is satisfied to enable an item to proceed. 


An example of a process in iQprocess

Here you will find a preview of our process automation tool, iQprocess. The left menu displays icons used for building a future state process, the main workspace is where the future state business process is constructed and the top menu is where you can select the process you wish to work on. The team at iQcodex are here to help every step of the way when you migrate over to our software for business.

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