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Business Process Management

BPM or Business Process Management is increasing in popularity for all business organisations.




It's because businesses want to see corporate success. Implementing a BPM system, can be challenging. However, at iQcodex, we have an awareness of the benefits and methodologies of BPM to ensure we are successful and can continue to help clients.


Even the BPM proponents in a business can lack the appropriate appreciation of the methods, merits and challenges of process management and therefore we focus on providing the proper training required to maintain awareness.

An awareness needs to then translate into a desire to adopt. Our organisation has both a driver and a champion with a passion for BPM.


Moreover, we put together individual projects which are monitored and that could lead to the business expanding the BPM. This is to help build up capabilities and credibility.

Read more about BPM services here.

Establishing a Development Centre

If individual projects have been executed successfully, organisations seek capitalisation on BPM and begin turning projects into a centralised BPM program.


The methodology in this stage is designed with techniques and tools which have been selected, documented, installed, communicated, and maintained. Organisations may struggle with the design of the long-term strategy in this phase, yet BPM maturity models are often successfully adopted with roadmaps describing the sequence of six factors. These factors are strategic alignment, governance, methods, information technology, people, and culture. 


The final phase of our BPM adoption is the formation of a centralised BPM Group, also known as a “BPM Development Centre”. In addition to our roadmap, we can identify BPM-related services and define the value proposition of our group more clearly.


The process Development Centre at iQcodex helps with process mapping, workflow automation, testing, training, and deployment.


Successful businesses all over the world are constantly focused on creating successful BPM groups to keep up with competitors. Establishing a Development Centre for business process management such as ours, we can ensure we stick to goals and keep process improvement a part of the businesses daily operations. You can read more about how we can help with process improvement here.


Our Development Centre helps with process mapping and creation, whilst allowing us to keep up with other competitors in the business. It helps to establish a framework for process excellence and involve the whole business in process improvement.


- Can work to different time zones
- Easy to access at your convenience
- Regular visits are encouraged



- High physical security as the office is based in the     Alpha bank building
- High logical security. The CoE is terminal based        with no access to USB, Gmail, etc.
- Adherence to EU regulatory requirements (GDPR)



- Low cost with smaller staff sizes
- A team of qualified staff meaning you have a      highly qualified pool of resources
- Virtual infrastructure



- Agile capacity dependent on volumes
- Speed of ramp up
- The CoE has a proactive approach to problem     resolution


Depth of Capability

With 130 process and data consultants, spread over 3 development centres in Europe, North America and SE Asia, our capability spans 24 projects across the globe. Our sole focus is financial services and we have successfully delivered 357 separate workflow automation projects to improve data quality and effect, on average, 22% cost reduction across all clients and strategic business units.

We have more depth and experience in financial services process redesign than the tier 1 consulting firms and major software vendors. Our client base includes 85% of the largest capital and risk markets firms. Our range of project delivery spans from complex algorithmic trading to middle office reengineering. Our consultants are, at minimum, master’s degree qualified and, typically, certified process engineers.


Projects Worldwide


Separate Workflow Automation Projects


Process and Data Consultants


Development Centres in Europe, North America and SE Asia

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